Why You Need More Than “Just” a Website

Kaila Thomas
2 min readJun 21, 2021

But I just need a website! Ok, that might be true in some cases but not all. As a designer, it’s my job to make sure your business looks good from every angle. I want that for you whether you know you need it or not.

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Why Does it Matter?

Because your website is a visual representation of your business. If it’s a major revenue generator for your business, then it should look the part.

The Problem?

Most of us, myself included, like to jump right in and tackle a new project right? It’s usually no different when we decide to set up the website for our next business venture. We have a big picture idea and we fumble around to find the tools we need and then build! But wait a minute once we’re in build mode we’re confronted with a bunch of little details we hadn’t considered so in an effort to keep on track with our project we start piecing this and that on the fly. In some cases, this method works, hello fashionista, but when it comes to web design it just doesn’t. The finished project looks like a hodgepodge of stuff and it’s evident to others.

How to Fix It?

Include a planning and research phase in your project. During this time clarify your target audience and what they want. Determine the visual elements that will work together to create a solid brand identity. Figure out the content or information people need from you to learn a thing, buy a thing, do a thing. Sketch design ideas, even if you’re not an artist, brainstorming ideas is still possible. Note any resource you’ll need to help you bring your vision to life. This phase doesn’t have to be long and drawn out but including it will make all the difference in the world.

You’ve got this! Flying by the seat of your pants is fun in some cases but not when it comes to your livelihood. Take the time to lay the foundation and if you’re still lost, let’s chat! 💕



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