How to Start Your Business off Strong

Kaila Thomas
3 min readJun 24, 2021
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You have this great idea that’s going to change the game for you and make life more enjoyable for people. You’re excited to see this thing come to fruition and know right away what you must do, register your business, get a logo and a website up so people can book your service or buy your thing. You hop online and reach out to someone to make a logo and then you hop somewhere else to have someone make your website. Or maybe you decided to tackle designing your logo and website yourself with no experience or guidance. Now you’ve got everything you need, or so you think, you get a sale or inquiry here or there, but nothing solid. You feel deflated because your great idea is not moving the earth as you imagined.

Ideas with Strategy Go Further

I’ve been there many times. I’m constantly flowing with ideas and gunning to execute on them with the ignorant notion that things will just work out. What I’ve learned over the years is that executing on a great idea won’t get far without a serious strategy. The strategy involves knowing not just the what but also the who, where, why, how, and when.

Since logo and website design tend to be the first things that new businesses look at when starting out, I feel obligated to inform those dreamers and believers of all the THINGS that go into making a great idea a reality. This is the difference between establishing a business and a hobby. As mentioned, strategy is the first step, and answers those questions on paper, not just in your head is necessary for gaining clarity. Let me introduce you to some people you’ll want to connect with to turn your idea into reality.

Meet Your Team

Brand Strategist — Once those WH questions are answered you're going to want to discuss and refine those answers with a brand strategist. They will help you define your brand’s position and flesh out its execution.

Content Writer — This person gives your brand a voice and tone that reflect those feelings discussed during the brand strategy. Sometimes a Brand Strategist will also provide copywriting services. Copywriters focus on making sure any words your customer reads (on your website, ad, brochure, online store, email marketing campaigns) are consistent with your brand story.

Brand Designer — This person turns your answers into visuals that evoke the feelings you want customers to have when they connect with your brand. They will create your logo suite and determine the colors, typography, design elements, imagery styles best suited for your brand. A brand strategist may also be a brand designer, especially in a smaller design studio.

Brand Photographer — This person takes the brand strategy and creative direction to the next level by snapping images tailored and reflective of your brand.

Web Designer — This person designs and develops (or works with a developer) to apply the visual direction to your business website. They also consider the usability and primary function of the site so that it optimizes your reach and meets the large-scale business goals designated to it.

Social Media Manager — This person creates, posts, and engages with your target audience. They are strategy-driven and make sure that the work they do is targeted toward your business goals. For example, if the goal is to drive traffic to your website, they’ll create posts that focus on that goal.

Now What?

These are just a few of the players working behind the scenes to make your business grow. Since there is a lot of overlap in each player’s role, you’ll want to connect and coordinate your efforts to make the process more streamlined. If you’re not sure where to start I’m happy to hop on a consult call with you. Email me at or shoot me a DM on Instagram @8ninedesign!



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