Kaila Thomas

Just another nice to have? Think again.

A website isn’t just nice to have, it’s a necessity for any growing business since over 50% of the global population is online. The online space offers many comforts that can’t be found venturing out. Hello scrolling in my PJs all day! In terms of getting information, people come to…

So you wanna open an E-commerce shop. Cool 😎

But don’t think you can just add a bunch of products and that’s it. People will buy 🛍

No, no, no, I’ve seen it many times a drop-ship store pops up, you promote but your reach remains limited to your personal circle.

The problem…

Your logo is an identifying mark or visual representation of your business or brand. People associate and recognize you by your logo if nothing else. Don’t take this too lightly. In terms of your logo design don’t just think about today, think long-range.

Will your logo be able to evolve with your business?

Personally, I like to focus on wordmark…

Kaila Thomas

I’m a Brand + Web Designer helping #mompreneurs elevate their brand through thoughtful design so they feel confident growing their businesses.

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